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(PHP 3>= 3.0.3, PHP 4 )

call_user_method -- Call a user method on an specific object


mixed call_user_method (string method_name, object obj [, mixed parameter [, mixed ...]])

Calls a the method referred by method_name from the user defined obj object. An example of usage is below, where we define a class, instantiate an object and use call_user_method() to call indirectly its print_info method.

<?php class Country {     var $NAME;     var $TLD;          function Country($name, $tld) {         $this->NAME = $name;         $this->TLD = $tld;     }      function print_info($prestr="") {         echo $prestr."Country: ".$this->NAME."\n";         echo $prestr."Top Level Domain: ".$this->TLD."\n";     } }  $cntry = new Country("Peru","pe");  echo "* Calling the object method directly\n"; $cntry->print_info();  echo "\n* Calling the same method indirectly\n"; call_user_method ("print_info", $cntry, "\t"); ?>       

See also call_user_func().