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(PHP 3>= 3.0.4, PHP 4 )

OCIColumnName -- Returns the name of a column.


string OCIColumnName (int stmt, int col)

OCIColumnName() returns the name of the column corresponding to the column number (1-based) that is passed in.

Example 1. OCIColumnName

<?php        print "<HTML><PRE>\n";        $conn = OCILogon("scott", "tiger");     $stmt = OCIParse($conn,"select * from emp");     OCIExecute($stmt);     print "<TABLE BORDER=\"1\">";     print "<TR>";     print "<TH>Name</TH>";     print "<TH>Type</TH>";     print "<TH>Length</TH>";     print "</TR>";     $ncols = OCINumCols($stmt);     for ( $i = 1; $i <= $ncols; $i++ ) {         $column_name  = OCIColumnName($stmt,$i);         $column_type  = OCIColumnType($stmt,$i);         $column_size  = OCIColumnSize($stmt,$i);         print "<TR>";         print "<TD>$column_name</TD>";         print "<TD>$column_type</TD>";         print "<TD>$column_size</TD>";         print "</TR>";     }     OCIFreeStatement($stmt);       OCILogoff($conn);        print "</PRE>";     print "</HTML>\n";  ?>          

See also OCINumCols(), OCIColumnType(), and OCIColumnSize().