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(PHP 3>= 3.0.7, PHP 4 )

OCIRowCount -- Gets the number of affected rows


int OCIRowCount (int statement)

OCIRowCount() returns the number of rows affected for eg update-statements. This function will not tell you the number of rows that a select will return!

Example 1. OCIRowCount

<?php     print "<HTML><PRE>";     $conn = OCILogon("scott","tiger");     $stmt = OCIParse($conn,"create table emp2 as select * from emp");     OCIExecute($stmt);     print OCIRowCount($stmt) . " rows inserted.<BR>";     OCIFreeStatement($stmt);     $stmt = OCIParse($conn,"delete from emp2");     OCIExecute($stmt);     print OCIRowCount($stmt) . " rows deleted.<BR>";     OCICommit($conn);     OCIFreeStatement($stmt);     $stmt = OCIParse($conn,"drop table emp2");     OCIExecute($stmt);     OCIFreeStatement($stmt);     OCILogOff($conn);     print "</PRE></HTML>"; ?>