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openssl_open -- Open sealed data


bool openssl_open (string sealed_data, string open_data, string env_key, int priv_key_id)

Returns true on success, or false on error. If successful the opened data is returned in open_data.

openssl_open() opens (decrypts) sealed_data using the private key associtated with the key identifier priv_key_id and the envelope key env_key. The envelope key is generated when the data are sealed and can only be used by one specific private key. See openssl_seal() for more information.

Example 1. openssl_open() example

// $sealed and $env_key are assumed to contain the sealed data // and our envelope key, both given to us by the sealer.  // fetch private key from file and ready it $fp = fopen("/src/openssl-0.9.6/demos/sign/key.pem", "r"); $priv_key = fread($fp, 8192); fclose($fp); $pkeyid = openssl_get_privatekey($priv_key);  // decrypt the data and store it in $open if (openssl_open($sealed, $open, $env_key, $pkeyid))     echo "here is the opened data: ", $open; else     echo "failed to open data";  // free the private key from memory openssl_free_key($pkeyid);       

See also openssl_seal().