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(PHP 4 >= 4.0.3)

pg_put_line -- Send a NULL-terminated string to PostgreSQL backend


bool pg_put_line ([resource connection_id, string data])

pg_put_line() sends a NULL-terminated string to the PostgreSQL backend server. This is useful for example for very high-speed inserting of data into a table, initiated by starting a PostgreSQL copy-operation. That final NULL-character is added automatically. Returns TRUE if successfull, FALSE otherwise.

Note: Note the application must explicitly send the two characters "\." on a final line to indicate to the backend that it has finished sending its data.

See also pg_end_copy().

Example 1. High-speed insertion of data into a table

<?php      $conn = pg_pconnect ("dbname=foo");     pg_exec($conn, "create table bar (a int4, b char(16), d float8)");     pg_exec($conn, "copy bar from stdin");     pg_put_line($conn, "3\thello world\t4.5\n");     pg_put_line($conn, "4\tgoodbye world\t7.11\n");     pg_put_line($conn, "\\.\n");     pg_end_copy($conn); ?>