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(PHP 4 >= 4.0.3)

xslt_output_begintransform -- Begin an XSLT transformation on the output


void xslt_output_begintransform (string xslt_filename)

This function will begin the output transformation on your data. From the point you call xslt_output_begintransform() till the point you call xslt_output_endtransform() all output will be transformed through the xslt stylesheet given by the first argument.

Example 1. Transforming output through an XSLT stylesheet, using the DOM-XML functions for xml generation

<?php  $xsl_file = "article.xsl"; xslt_output_begintransform($xsl_file);  $doc = new_xmldoc('1.0'); $article = $doc->new_root('article');  $article->new_child('title', 'The History of South Tyrol'); $article->new_child('author', 'Sterling Hughes'); $article->new_child('body', 'Back after WWI, Italy gained South Tyrol from                               Austria.  Since that point nothing interesting has                              happened');  echo $doc->dumpmem();  xslt_output_endtransform();