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Dear intending student

We are glad to see you on the page of the Department of Design of Electronic Digital Equipment (DEDEC)!

Do you know what design is? In a strict sense, this word means a way in which something is made e.g. computing device, but in a broad one, it implies planning, modeling, programming, debugging and production performed altogether. Exactly the broad meaning of the term is assumed in the teaching of our students. What does our department can offer for you and what will you be able to do after graduation?

We will help you to form a modern scientific worldview, technical erudition, logical thinking, and gain your skills.

We will teach you how to design information and computer equipment based on "system-on- chip" (SoCs), CISC and RISC microprocessors and microcontrollers (namely x86, ARM and MIPS based), digital signal processors (DSP) and FPGAs, which lay in the heart of all modern electronic systems, as well as the so-called "Embedded Systems".

We will teach you how to program in Matlab, C/C++, Assembler, hardware description languages, specifically Verilog and VHDL, freely develop web-pages using PHP, MySQL, HTML, and CSS. You will also learn how to use special integrated design environments (IDEs) such as Matlab/Simulink, OrCAD, Altium Designer, Quartus II, Arduino-IDE and AVR Studio, TI Code Composer Studio, IAR Workbench, as well as LabVIEW the systems engineering software for applications that require test, measurement, and control with rapid access to hardware and data insights.

You will pass all the way on the creation of electronic devices from circuit and algorithms design, programming, integration to a particular implementation and production. To help you with this, our department has a number of training centers, particularly: Intel FPGA (formerly ALTERA) Ukrainian official training center of FPGA design, TEXAS INSTRUMENTS educational laboratory, education and research center of lean manufacturing Lean Centre. We also have six educational laboratories: the laboratory of digital design, laboratories of microprocessor and physics fundamentals of microelectronics, information technology laboratory, laboratory of analog- and digital electronics and open laboratory of electronics LAMPA.

In our department, you will have the opportunity to use powerful laboratory facilities such as DE2, DE1-SoC and DE5 evaluation modules from Altera (now Intel FPGA). You will able to utilize development boards from Texas Instruments, specifically BeagleBoard-xM, BeagleBone Black based on ARM Cortex-A8, development boards based on C28x, C55x, C64x DSP cores, boards based on MSP430 microcontroller and analog system lab kit ASLK-PRO. We also have a lot of other development equipment and starter kits such as C51, AVR by Atmel, Arduino, STM32 by STMicroelectronics, Pine 64 based on ARM Cortex-A53, portable solution for wireless technologies based on Tmote Sky ZigBee-modules, Galileo and Edison microcomputers by Intel.

We will teach you to design, deploy and administrate computer networks. You will become familiar with Ethernet, Wi-Fi, DSL and ZigBee technologies, which makes you able to design any network, from a small home to large corporate one. Our network equipment by Cisco Systems will help you in this.

You will achieve solid, qualitative higher education, which helps you always be confident in the volatile world of modern information and electronics technologies. If you are self-confident, ready to study hard, and gain your knowledge in the field of modern electronic and telecommunication technologies, we will be glad to see you among the student of our department.

Head of DEDEC department,
Prof., Dr.Sc. Oleksandr Lysenko


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Official opening of "Lamp" electronics laboratory


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Meeting chair KEOA 8.11.2017


Congratulations to the head of the laboratory of the department of KEOA - Ivanivk Gennadiy Vasilievich with the 60th Anniversary!


Meeting chair KEOA 18.10.2017


Meeting chair KEOA 11.10.2017


Welcome 5-year students of the Department KEOA enrollment.

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