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XXXIII. Ingres II functions

These functions allow you to access Ingres II database servers.

In order to have these functions available, you must compile php with Ingres support by using the --with-ingres option. You need the Open API library and header files included with Ingres II. If the II_SYSTEM environment variable isn't correctly set you may have to use --with-ingres=DIR to specify your Ingres installation directory.

When using this extension with Apache, if Apache does not start and complains with "PHP Fatal error: Unable to start ingres_ii module in Unknown on line 0" then make sure the environement variable II_SYSTEM is correctly set. Adding "export II_SYSTEM="/home/ingres/II" in the script that starts Apache, just before launching httpd, should be fine.

Note: If you already used PHP extensions to access other database servers, note that Ingres doesn't allow concurrent queries and/or transaction over one connection, thus you won't find any result or transaction handle in this extension. The result of a query must be treated before sending another query, and a transaction must be commited or rolled back before opening another transaction (which is automaticaly done when sending the first query).

Table of Contents
ingres_connect — Open a connection to an Ingres II database.
ingres_pconnect — Open a persistent connection to an Ingres II database.
ingres_close — Close an Ingres II database connection
ingres_query — Send a SQL query to Ingres II
ingres_num_rows — Get the number of rows affected or returned by the last query
ingres_num_fields — Get the number of fields returned by the last query
ingres_field_name — Get the name of a field in a query result.
ingres_field_type — Get the type of a field in a query result.
ingres_field_nullable — Test if a field is nullable.
ingres_field_length — Get the length of a field.
ingres_field_precision — Get the precision of a field.
ingres_field_scale — Get the scale of a field.
ingres_fetch_array — Fetch a row of result into an array.
ingres_fetch_row — Fetch a row of result into an enumerated array.
ingres_fetch_object — Fetch a row of result into an object.
ingres_rollback — Roll back a transaction.
ingres_commit — Commit a transaction.
ingres_autocommit — Switch autocommit on or off.